Steampunk Promarker Set!

A while ago, I produced a character illustration coloured with Promarkers for use on new Letraset Manga Promarker packaging. This guy is drawn with Kuretake Mangaka Flexible pen on Winsor and Newton Bristol Board. Everything is coloured in Letraset Promarkers. I love Letraset Promarkers and Trias so much … I have literally hundreds of them.

When I’m not drawing with them, I enjoy sorting them obsessively.

However, now isn’t the time to delve into that particular hobby of mine….

Letraset asked for a character who was Steampunk themed, with Victorian clothing, an exotic gun, a fake arm, and a goggle eye. I came up with this gentleman.

Steampunk Sketches

Sketches of design, equipment, and possible poses for the final artwork.


The three stages of Steampunk Guy

All the colours used are from the Steampunk set, with the exception of Blue Pearl (the light blue of his waistcoat) which you can buy separately. It was quite a length of time between drawing this and the pens showing up for sale, but I have begun seeing them out in the wild! Caught this set on the shelf in Cowling and Wilcox in Islington.

Steampunk Promarkers

In the wild at Cowling and Wilcox

The packaging contains a mini-tutorial on how to make your own Steampunk guy, should you be inclined to do so! You can also download the lineart from the Letraset website so you can concentrate on your colouring skills.

The interior of the packaging

The interior of the packaging


If that isn’t enough of a tutorial, here’s a lovely video on the Letraset Youtube channel in which I recreate the process of making this piece:

And if you want to buy this set of cool pens, you can get it online at the Letraset online store.