MCM London Comic Con!

Yes, I will be at the extremely massive MCM London Comic Con (formerly known as Expo) this weekend Friday 23rd – Sunday 25th May, where I am sharing a table in the comic village with Tammy Taylor AKA Dream Tripper Comics. Unfortunately my name isn’t listed on the programme, but just look out for Dream Tripper Comics! We are at table CE2 in the comic village.



I will be selling lots of lovely comic books, as well as postcards and other things. There will be many deals and special offers! Seriously!! If you haven’t picked up any of the Leek and Sushi series of books from ITCH they will be for sale, and you will also be able to get back-issues of The Phoenix that feature The Shivers!

I am also doing portraits and sketch commissions. And I will draw pretty much anything, just ask! I am also trialling an experimental Character Design Consultancy, where you can get help with the look of your own original or fandom characters. These prices are for Comic Con only, so come on down…


Hope to see as many people as possible there! 😀