Spooky Stories in The Phoenix

I’ve been working with Pirates of Pangaea author Daniel Hartwell on some spooky horror stories for The Phoenix. In case you haven’t heard of The Phoenix, it’s an amazing, quality, weekly comic for kids. It’s all about the stories! No ads, no plastic toys.

Chatterbox Sample

Our first story Chatterbox, about some haunted teeth, appeared in no. 83 on 3rd August.

It was reviewed on Digital Spy as part of their Phoenix Friday series, and on the Forbidden Planet Blog, and we were interviewed for Comics Beat.

This week Daniel and I have a new story in The Phoenix out today, 14th September, called Mummy’s Boy. It is about a mummy who rises from his coffin to face the modern day!

Mummy's Boy

You can buy The Phoenix from Waitrose, comic shops like Gosh! or you can order back issues and subscribe from The Phoenix website.